Dual Flame

The Dual Flame has a very unique flame head design which emits 2 different flames on a larger burner head. This large flame base in 2 different directions is ideal for the backpakcer / camper who wants to do more than just boil water. An even flame dispersion does not burn the pot / pan in one area and allows for an even cooking surface. its very durable and lightweight in design and come equipped with a separate piezo ignitor. 

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  • Fuel : Butane and Propane gas available.
  • Fuel Consumption : 140g/h (1,751kcal)
  • Excellent thermal efficiency due to in and out side dual flame.
  • Easy to storage with case, able to fold pot supports and legs.
  • Low center of gravity design.
  • Independent Igniter include in the box – One touch spark type.
  • Made by stainless steel.